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A broad range of technologies

Stereo vision
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A broad range of technologies


Embedded Solutions

We design customized and cost-effective embedded systems for industrial applications with high reliability and low maintenance needs.

Our products can easily communicate to already available automatization systems or perform tasks autonomously.

Vision Technology

 Our custom solutions, using the newest optical sensors combined with our intelligent software, are able to process scenes with a greater range of luminance.

Beside standard camera sensors we integrate a broad range of technologies in our systems: thermography, near infrared, stereoscopy and High Dynamic Range imaging (HDR).

About Us

Embedded Design Team GmbH is a young company formed by two engineers with experience in development of optical steel mill equipment and welding observation.

We joined our skills to provide innovative computer vision solutions for the industry.


Typical applications of our systems are: optical measurement, quality analysis and video enhancement.

Together with the use of specialized optical sensors for extreme light and high temperature conditions,  our technology operates in several environments like:

  • Steel production
  • Welding
  • Industrial Ovens & Furnaces